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Amazing Short And Simple Guide 2023

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Lock Changes

Hopefully, you will find this simple guide handy. Most people know what the lock looks like they have on their door. Knowing what it looks like is not quite the same as knowing what it is called.

Here, we have included the most common locks found that are used in the UK.

This is not intended as a definitive guide and should not be used. Some of the products shown are not insurance-compliant.

Lock Prices

If you are thinking about lock changes but think that maybe it is best left to a professional. We have added prices that we would typically charge our customers.

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Yale rim cylinder - Locksmith FAQ's

Rim cylinder & night latch

If you have a wooden door and it is more than a few years old, the chances are it is fitted with a rim cylinder lock /night latch combination and a mortice lock.

This lock is often called the Yale or Bird lock because, for many years, most of them were made by either Yale or Bird (Wren).

Almost all lock producers now manufacture them. They are also available as high-security alternatives.

Price guide to replace £85 – £120 Lock barrel only

Sashlock, lock, changes, prices

5 lever mortice aka Chubb or Union locks

Owners of these types of locks tend to refer to them as the old type of lock or call them the class with the skeleton key or Chubb key.

Most lever locks are BS3621 2007 standard, especially when fitted to an exterior door. Interior doors also have mortice locks fitted but will not be British Standard.

Price guide to replace £95 – £135

Top-branded locks can increase the price substantially.

Multipoint lock, composite door

Multipoint Lock

This type of locking arrangement is the one most people describe as the one where you have to lift the handles, although even on these doors, that is not necessarily true as some doors have wind mechanisms and others have self-locking mechanisms. They typically lock in at least 3 places.

These are found on all door material types, and they typically have a euro cylinder in place to lock the whole mechanism.

Price guide to replace £160 -£? The gearbox or mechanism is dependent on the manufacturer.

£90- £150 cylinder replacement cost depends on security and brand.

Entrance knobset

Door knobset / American handles

They are not as common here in the UK, although, like many North American locks, they are becoming more popular as tastes change. They are an ideal replacement for nonlocking latches and do look the part if installed correctly. A popular addition to the UK lock market.

They are also available as levers/ handles. Now known as a keyless entry system. Card or fingerprint accessible.

Price guide to install: £80 – £110. More expensive brands will be considerably more depending on security and branding type. Lock changes on this type of lock usually mean a whole assembly replacement.

Assa Abloy cylinder

Scandinavian & Oval lock

Known as Scandinavian locks, these locks are being used more frequently in the UK, and they are becoming trendy on higher quality new builds for their security and longevity.

The keys look very similar to the euro cylinder key.

This lock is also known as an oval. A standard oval lock will have the key barrel at the top of the cylinder.

Price guide to replace £90 – £140 Lock cylinder only. Bear in mind these locks are often 2 locks and need to be keyed alike. High-security brands will cost more.

ERA BS high security cylinder and nightlatch

ERA BS3621 high security rim cylinder & night latch

A modern upgrade to the night latch, as shown above. Also available as a Yale product and others. BS3621 insurance approved.

These locks cannot be as quickly passed as the less expensive type of rim and latch.

Price guide to replace £120 – £200.

New installations will incur more labor charges.

Price is also dependent on the brand.

ERA Multipoint lock on a green door

Multipoint, ERA Vectis

Not all multipoint door locks use a euro cylinder. This is an ERA Vectis; this locks with the ‘Chubb’ type or skeleton key, as some call it. (picture courtesy ERA).

The Assa Abloy is also a multipoint lock, and the cylinder may look similar to a euro cylinder. However, it is not.

Price guide to replace £180 – £220

More locks are available.

There are many more lock types. Each manufacturer can make and design their locking system. Do not be disappointed if you do not see yours here.

To list them all here would take several pages. We have just included the most common locks used in the UK at present.

Please call us for more information.

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